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Hello, I am Keithroy O Grant (KOG)

I grew up on a small Island in the Caribbean, St Vincent and the Grenadines. My mother christen me Keithroy Omestre Grant but to my friends and family I was called Patty. A name that is only known by and still used by my relatives and childhood friends. After moving to Barbados at the age of fifteen I dropped out of school and spend the most of my days on the beach where I learned most if not all of my survival skills. I moved to Sweden in 2001, where I was forced to make it on my own, in a strange land with no experience or securities. But thanks to all the people I met earlier in my encounters on the beaches of Barbados, I was able to grow and become the man I am today and be proud of the name my mother gave me at birth, Keithroy Omestre Grant.